Search Engine Optimisation

In a recent survey, 90% of companies with their own web site were disappointed with the results they had attained, and the main reason was simply because their potential customers could not find their Web site. Publishing a Web site and not promoting it is like printing brochures and not distributing them. For most Web sites effective search engine promotion is one of the most important part of publishing a Web site on the Internet.

Search Engines do not list a Web site at the top because it contains lots of keywords, or has a name that's alphabetically at the top, as most people think. The Search engines also take the title, description and contents into consideration. It is very easy to submit a site to the search engines but to be listed at the top of the search engines requires a professional touch.
We manually optimise your site and submit it to search engines to enable it to be listed at the top and we monitor your site regularly to make sure it stays there.